7 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Important!

When setting up a business, there are many things to consider – ideology, purpose, how you will be different, what added value will your business provide over competitors, what is your marketing strategy and a million other things that keep your brain occupied. But one thing many overlook, is one of the most important assets a business can have… Your logo.

Is this article we look at 7 reasons why it is important you make your logo stand out!

1. Make the right first impression

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression! If you want your business to succeed, it is essential you grasp potential customers attention from the outset.

The first thing customers will notice about your business is your logo – make it interesting and it will pique interest in your brand.

2. It’s memorable

People are visual creatures; we like to be mentally stimulated and excited. If you make your logo stand out, people will remember it. People are likely to forget the name of your brand; however, a unique logo – is unforgettable!

3. It shows your individuality

With millions of companies in the world and online logo generators churning out thousands of monotonous logos by the hour, there is a good chance no matter how unique your business is, thousands of companies are already doing it.

Your logo tells customers about you. It is your CV. It tells them why your business is unique.

A well-designed logo can communicate succinctly your brand values and what makes your business different.

4. Your logo helps create brand loyalty

Customers love consistency. As your brand grows over time and people become more accustomed to seeing it regularly, they are slowly, subconsciously beginning to associate your brand with a level of trust and consistency.

Millions of people flock to Starbucks every day because they are so familiar with the brands identity. Its logo is extremely memorable and more often than not; when you are driving and spot the logo on a sign, you immediately know what it is.

People don’t buy Starbucks because it is the best coffee, they buy it because of the consistency of the brand…. and that all starts with the logo.

5. Attention grabber

Consumers attention spans are short and with hundred of ads flashing past their eyes every day, it is pivotal you make your brands identity stand out.

A logo can quickly grab peoples’ attention and give them a little insight into your brands identity. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance you make yours more interesting that the rest.

6. It is the foundation of your brands identity

Your logo is essentially the first thing most new business owners make. Once you have made it, it will translate across all your branding, promotional materials and website. The colours, fonts, shapes, emotion you picked, will all become the building blocks across your entire business.

It may be just a logo, but every design decision you make will be based upon the core values you put in place when you made that initial design.

7. Your audience expects it

Last but not least, your audience expects you to make a good logo.

If you expect people to buy into your brand, you better give them a good reason too.

Every single piece of design work you create; from business cards to invoices will showcase your brands identity – get it wrong and it will damage your business; get it right… and it will be the most valuable marketing tool you have!

So, there you have it, 7 reasons why your logo is important. Want to make your logo stand out from the crowd? Then let Jakarta’s Most Creative Design Studio help! Purple Pineapple – Make Something Great.

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