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About Us

Welcome to Purple Pineapple Studio, your new home for branding, design, website development, custom clothing and customizable greeting cards.  

Our journey began in 2020 when we began assisting people make fully customized websites and branding materials. In 2022 we redeveloped our website and expanded our services to include a variety of things including: website development, company branding, custom printing, greeting cards, seasonal gift materials, as well as opened our first store in Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan.  

Purple Pineapple Studio is delighted to be the first custom card maker in Indonesia and we make cards to suit all tastes, ages and senses of humour. Our cards are customizable, so you can type in the message and where you want it to go, and we will send it directly!  

Additionally, we have a variety of customizable clothing and accessories, so you can design your own accessories! Want to make a personalized mug or tumbler? We’ve got you covered! See something in our shop you like? We can print it in whichever colour or size you like.  

Wear & design what you like, not what you can buy – courtesy of Purple Pineapple Studio.  Thanks for visiting our website, hit us up with a message or come visit our store!  

Our legal partner letsmoveindonesia

If you are making a website, creating a new brand or making a new company, the website and branding is vitally important to your businesses success and we are happy to help; however, ensuring your business runs professionally and legally are also vital components in creating success.  

With that in mind Purple Pineapple Studio is delighted to introduce our partner for all things Legal – LetsMoveIndonesia.  

LetsMoveIndonesia was voted Indonesia’s Best Visa and Business Consultancy and has offices in Jakarta & Bali. They offer a variety of services for new business owners, which includes company registration, tax and accountancy, trademark registration, as well as visa services for foreign workers.  

We chose to work with LetsMoveIndonesia due to their ethical and transparent values which have made them the most trusted agency in the country. Contact them to get your free consultation!  

our creative design process



Bring to life

Revise & develop


The Purple Pineapple Process

We are not a logo website, churning out thousands of templates. We believe every business should be unique, fresh and made with passion and integrity. If you don’t care about your branding, use one of the thousands of logo making websites on Google. Care about making your brand stand out? Then do it the Purple Pineapple way.

When designing branding we need to understand your vision, your values, your target audience and your preferences. Before getting to work, our design team needs to understand you and your brand. Come visit our Design Lab, meet the team and lets get creative. →

What’s next?

Once we understand what makes you unique, we get to work making samples of logos or branding. Meeting 2, we can either unveil the ideas in person or send digitally – although we love to work face to face.

Love it or amendments?

Take a look, let us know what you love, what you don’t love, do you need changes? Do you want something added? Are we going in the right direction? Lets try to edit it together and get it right!

Once complete what happens next?

We will send you all the digital formats of artwork in a variety of formats. Need your branding printed? Then we’ve got it taken care of by our in-house printing team!

Our Branding Process


Get to know your brand


Understand your purpose and vision


Discover what makes you unique


Uncover your brand values


Identify your target audience


Research what your competitors are doing


Learn about your design preferences


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