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Want your brand to stand out from the crowd? Then do it the Purple Pineapple way!

The Purple Pineapple way!

Our branding services not only help the new business but extend beyond aiding businesses that are losing their intended market share by developing a customized rebranding plan and providing integrated branding services.

The Purple Pineapple process

Our team provides you with more than skill, ideas, and expertise to help you develop the best strategy for your business. We will deliver it in a way that is appealing and affordable, and foster a memorable experience throughout the process.

What’s next?

Once we understand your uniqueness, we will make options for your logos or branding before we present them to you directly.

Let’s discuss it

We will discuss it and let us about what’s on your mind. Do you want something added? Are we going in the right direction? Let’s get it right together!

Mission complete!

After everything is done and meets your needs, we will send you the artwork in a variety of formats. Need your branding printed? Then we’ve got it taken care of by our in-house printing team!

Our branding process

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In every single work that we craft, we use uniqueness from every business.

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Frequently ask questions

Branding is the visual depiction of your brand, which includes logos, colours, typefaces, and a brand voice. This identity is crucial in determining how you tell about your brand, gives your firm power over how people perceive your brand, and enables you to specify the experience you want to give your clients.

It enhances your reputation and improves how others see you. Additionally, it makes it possible for your company to communicate intelligibly and consistently at all times. Better first impressions, more memorable marketing, and stronger human relationships are all benefits of branding. Consequently, making branding investments is essential to long-term prosperity.

A logo, colour scheme, typeface(s), and brand voice are the four main components of a brand identity. To create a unified brand, each of these components should be properly matched. A logo is frequently mistaken for the entire business identity, however, it’s only part of it.

One thing must be made clear: a brand is much more than just a logo! Logos by themselves do not adequately describe your company. A logo that is poorly created may wind up focusing on the wrong market. Since your brand encapsulates who you are and what you do, it is crucial that your visual identity.

Understanding the narrative you want to tell and the brand experience you want to convey can help you achieve cohesion between all four elements of brand identity. No component of a brand’s identity should be chosen only because it “feels good” or “looks lovely.”. There must be a purpose behind every choice.

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